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International Music Fest 2017

International Music Fest 2017 Entertainment Schedule

Mother’s Day Spa Day 2017 Rules

Mother’s Day Spa Day Challenge 2017



The Mother’s Day Spa Day Challenge 2017 is sponsored by B106, Ehrlich Toyota East, Sweet Peach Spa, The Flower Petaler and All About U. Nominators will nominate a “mom” or other special lady (the Nominee) by submitting a short paragraph explaining why his or her nominee is […]

Your Home for Family-Friendly Music and Intelligence for your Life!

Morgan Matters: Interviews with Community Leaders weekday mornings at 8:05a

John Tesh Intelligence for Your Life: Weekdays 10a-3p and evenings and overnights

Greatest Hits Lunch Hour: Each weekday at noon John Beltran plays awesome music and shares tidbits of information to spark a conversations

Oldies: Every Saturday 5a – 10a

Saturday Evening: Tickle your funny […]